Canceled: 11th Annual DVACROA Conference, March 7, 2019 at Widener University


Due to low registration this year, the DVACROA Conference for 2019 has been canceled.

The Treasurer, will be mailing refunds to each school that registered.  If you haven’t sent payment yet, please do not send payment.

Over the next year we plan to rebuild and gather more interest in the organization, if you wish to help out and get more involved with DVACROA please contact us at  We would also like to hear feedback on past conferences and why you think the registration may have been much lower this year than in the past.

wu 2019 library lions


wu 2019 uc night
(Photography by Jim Graham)at Widener University, in Chester, Pa. 24 APRIL 2008. (Photograph by Jim Graham)