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2012 Conference

March 8th, 2012

 2012 Session Trifold

Session List

Establishing a One Stop Enrollment Services Center

Using the tools of business process redesign, Widener University’s Enrollment Management division reorganized offices, renovated a facility, changed job descriptions, streamlined processes and established a training curriculum to create their student centric One-Stop Enrollment Services Center.

Presenter: Karen D Chrostek, Director of Enrollment Management Information and Systems, Widener University

Registrar Roundtable

Join a lively discussion about emerging issues in higher education and how they’re affecting the Registrar’s Office and our profession.

Presenter: Nicole Zucker, Associate Registar, Arcadia University

Leadership and Motivation

Presenter: Wendy Kutchner, University Registrar, Temple University; Vice President for Professional Development, MSACROA.

So We Have Study Abroad…Now What?

Timothy Barton has been with Arcadia University’s College of Global Studies for 9 years. His responsibilities include overseeing the admission, application, and the pre-departure process for nearly 5000 applicants a year. Along with these “pre-take-off” responsibilities, Tim coordinates with Arcadia overseas staff regarding in-country programming, and acts as emergency response for student situations. This promises to be an interesting and engaging session on the administrative world of Study Abroad.

Presenter: Timothy Barton, Director of Student Services, The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University

Social Media in Admissions

Social media is now a part of everyday life for our prospective students. Institutions of higher education need to embrace social media in order to connect with them. This session will introduce you to some of the more popular forms of social media and their uses in admissions and recruitment practices. Tips and recommendations will be incorporated, and concerns will be addressed.

Presenter: Monica Maisto, Associate Director of Admissions, Salus University

Strategies for Career Success

Have you ever wondered how some people get to the top of their career? Have you ever given thought how to further your career? This workshop may be for you: it will offer strategies that are essential for career success and provide resources that you can utilize to plan out your own career path.

Presenter: Susan Rohanna, Director of Human Resources, Cabrini College

FERPA Roundtable

Come discuss current issues/concerns and updates from our favorite Federal legislation

Presenter: TBD

Leading Organizational Change

This presentation will focus on the impact leadership has on producing effective organizational change. Attendees will develop a personal leadership profile and a template for managing change at all organizational levels.

Presenter: Dennis Dougherty, Dean of Graduate & Professional Studies
Rosemont College

Best Fit: A Multi-Dimensional Exploration from an Admissions’ and Retention Perspective

This presentation will explore the different aspects of “fit” from both an admission and retention perspective.  The admissions’ analysis of fit will focus on the emotional, social and financial factors that influence  both how the student feels their perspective college fits their need, as well as how the college determines which students are their “best fit”. The retention analysis of fit will focus on the academic and social fit of students as related to the retention of current students, persistence to graduation and successful academic and social development of students.

Presenters: Gene Soltys, Director of Admissions and Shannon Zottola, Director of Enrollment, Cabrini College

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