Conference Agenda

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The agenda is not yet finalized, but here are a few proposals for this year’s conference:

Assessment and the Administrative Office

Muhlenberg College: Debbie Tamte-Horan

Assessment has become one of the buzzwords in higher education. Institutions of higher education are continually being asked to participate in assessment activities. Usually, however, those conversations focus on the academic departments. What does assessment mean for administrative offices? Are we to participate in assessment as well? If so, how do we do it? This session is designed to provide information, ideas, and strategies for bringing the process of assessment into our administrative offices.

Roundtable: Consortial Registration

Rosemont College: Jen Hawkes

Share tips and best practices for cross-registration. What works well? What do you wish you could do differently? Perspectives from several area consortium will make this a great discussion!

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Connected Curriculum

DIGARC: Amy Sally

Today’s higher education institutions are battling many fronts. Students increasingly demand flexible curriculum, clear pathways and personalized service. Unfortunately, most institutions’ processes don’t share data and analytics to improve the way the business of educating gets done. Attend this session to learn how DIGARC’s Connected CurriculumTM platform makes the intrinsic relationships across curriculum, catalog and schedule planning data coherent, accessible and actionable.

Developing an Administrative Unit Mission Statement

Widener University: Jon Keith

Mission statements are a critical piece of any office or organization. Not only do they define your purpose, but can help drive decision making. In this session I will present the work I have done on developing a mission statement and assessment plan for the Registrar’s Office at Widener University, and then open the floor for a roundtable discussion on administrative unit mission statements.

20 Things You Should Know About Pivot Table

Pivot tables may be the single most powerful tool in Excel. They are easy, fun, and provide flexibility and analytical power. Come learn at least 20 things about pivot tables to help your office with your analysis requirements.

Financial Aid 101 for Admissions Officers and Registrars

West Chester University: Tori Nuccio

This session will cover the basics of financial aid for non-financial aid officers.

Defining Enrollment Success – an introspective look at Widener admissions

Widener University: Ryan Mignone and Jason Britton

How do we in Widener admissions define success? Learn a few of the strategies we use as well as the challenges we face throughout the admissions cycle. Participants will share ideas as to what may enhance their recruitment efforts.

If you are interested in presenting, submit your proposal here!